After many years of growth and success producing live events and live media,
Cubist Media Group introduces Cubist Live!

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Cubist Live! navigates and exploits all of the power in today's display, interactive, & streaming technologies. 

For live, virtual, and hybrid events, museum exhibitions, & architectural applications, Cubist Live! creates content that engages and communicates clearly and effectively; content designed for your audience, for your venue, and for your screen.

Drawing upon Cubist Media Group's decades of acumen and experience, embracing their creative talent and technical assets, Cubist Live! is well staffed and well equipped, producing and delivering content enjoyed by live audiences.

More choices, more power


Virtual? Hybrid? Face to face? Global? National? Regional? Whether launching a product or conducting a leadership conference, sales seminar, or virtual event, the focus today is audience engagement. From pre-meeting announcements through post meeting analytics, Cubist Live! exploits Cubist Media Group's creative and technical depth delivering engaging events. Meeting and technical expertise, personalized project management, and our single-minded determination to provide innovative solutions, assures that your events will exceed your objectives and deliver the ROIs to prove it.

Attract Audiences with Digital Displays

Peco Crown Lights

Not too long ago, video was limited to a 4x3 image viewed on a quaint, small screen. But that has changed, video is big and it's everywhere. Today it's not uncommon to see entire buildings wrapped in moving images; the reach and applications are limitless.  Matching Cubist Media Group's creative design with these advanced theatrical and architectural display systems, Cubist Live! presents exciting, content-rich, dynamic programming that engages live audiences. We create programming for video walls, digital signage, arena and architectural applications that's message driven and optimized to fit the technical requirements of each display.

Stimulate Exhibition Visitors with
Moving Images and Interactivity


Carefully designed video and Interactive content has the power to elevate museum installations and exhibits. Integrating rich programming and displays into physical exhibits and extending your audience beyond the gallery via the web, our creative and technical teams develop content and design experiences that educate and inform. Blending technology, design, and innovation, Cubist Live! defines what is possible in 21st Century exhibitions, bringing people and information to life, engaging viewers with enhanced content and interactive navigation.